Pumpkin Dog Treats

Pumpkin offers a host of health and nutritional benefits. It stems diarrhea and constipation in pups. Pumpkin dog treats are effective in fighting constipation because they contain beta-carotene, which the dog’s system easily converts to Vitamin A, an essential element that aids in suppressing bloat. Dog treats made of pumpkin are delicious, nutritious and consist of only all-natural ingredients meaning they are also safe for your pet’s consumption. Here are a few leading items on Amazon that you should consider getting.

1. Organic Baked Pumpkin Treat for Dogs by Grandma Lucy’s

Grandma Lucy’s makes these yummy dog treats in a factory setting using natural and wholesome ingredients. The results are delicious pet treats that maintain the great taste of oven-baked wholly organic pet food. Grandma Lucy’s pumpkin treats are certified Kosher, wholly vegan and carry approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The treat contains organic wheat flour, egg powder, canola oil, cinnamon, pumpkin, sunflower, soybean, dehydrated cane juice and mace. This treat is appropriate especially for small dogs as well as those with allergy related complications.

2. Organic Dog Treats with Pumpkin by Wet Noses

This treat combines the health benefits of pumpkin with the curative properties of cinnamon and ginger to create a delightful chews that can sooth the stomach. It also contains eggs, which are great for fending off digestive problems as well as allergies.

The ingredients used are human grade. Wet Noses exercised caution in the manufacturing process. The treat as such, contains not even a trace of corn, soy and wheat and neither does it have dairy and animal by-products. It is also free of preservatives.

3. Health Bar Treats with Pumpkin and Cinnamon by Blue Buffalo

These natural blue bars come with an appetizing flavor as well as crunchy texture that will impress your dog. The texture works twofold because it helps clean the dogs teach while it munches the treat thus helping with the pet’s dental hygiene.

It is healthy, made using nutritious vegetables and wholesome grains and baked in the oven to bring out the old-fashioned goodness of pumpkin. The treat contains Omega-3 as well as important anti-oxidants that help boost your pet’s immune system. Moreover, the treat is free of soy, wheat and corn, all of which have a close link with allergy complications.

4. No Scoot plus Pumpkin Soft Chew by NaturVet

This treat contains soluble fibers responsible for promoting healthy digestive tracts. It also contains other nutrients that aid in gland functions as well as normal digestion. It especially is suitable for pups that have surpassed the age of 12 weeks.

The active ingredients include a blend of psyllium husk, flaxseed and sugar beet pulp. Other ingredients are pumpkin powder, dandelion root, dried potato product, salmon oil and vegetable oil. It has a delicious taste that masks the rather bland flavor of pumpkins. Dogs as such, have an easy time enjoying the chews.

The four pumpkin dog treats described here are among a host of other products available on Amazon that are great for your dog. They contain a list of all-natural ingredients that are essential for enhanced immune system and better heart health. These treats are delicious and help suppress a host of complications among pets. Grab one and treat your pet today.