Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut butter dog treats are great because aside from their obvious nutritional benefits, they also help ensure your dog easily survive the heat waves that characterize summer afternoons. They are delicious, appropriate for use as training treats and contain all-natural premium nutrients that all dogs can digest comfortably. The best among these, like the few highlighted here below, are oven-baked to bring out the crunchy feel while preserving the nutrients. Here is a small list you should look at keenly.

1. Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats by Old Mother Hubbard

This treat is delicious, crunchy and suitable for everyday training. It has the sweet taste of peanut butter mixed with a nutritious combo of molasses, carrots and apples. The bone shape is especially great because it helps clean the dog’s teeth thus helping with dental hygiene.

This treat carries both the brand and guarantee of Old Mother Hubbard. It as such contains only premium, all-natural ingredients that are good for dogs of all ages. It is a great addition to whatever diet to you offer and will make all snack times, a great way to ensure positive reinforcement.

2. Peanut Butter Dog Chew by SmartBones

This treat is safe, free from rawhide has great taste and contains real peanut butter and portions of dried chicken breasts. The chews come in a shape that encourage munching and in the process, promoting healthy dental care. At just about two inches long, these chews are very apt for small breeds that weigh 20 pounds or less.

It is low in fat, contains wholesome vegetables as well as minerals and vitamins to enhance its nutritive value.

The treat is highly digestible and encourages chewing among dogs, which is great because chewing is healthy and enjoyable. Additionally, it stimulates mental activity, fends off boredom and destructive behavior and helps dogs develop strong jaws.

3. Crunchy Dog Treats with real peanut butter by NUTRO

This treat contains a combo of essential fatty acids and premium proteins, which are all 100 percent all-natural ingredients. NUTRO bakes these into crunchy biscuits that your dog cannot resist. The nutrient combo contained in the treat is essential especially for enhanced immune system, healthy heart as well as flawless digestive systems.

These dogs’ biscuits contain three lean proteins derived from salmon, pasture-fed lamb and farm-raised chicken to create an ensemble of nature’s finest ingredients that nurture overall health as well as improved heart and digestive functions.

4. Gooberlicious Peanut Butter Treats by Bil-Jac

Do you have a peanut loving pup? You then should stock on these chews because they are fun and flavorful and no dog can resist them. They are soft, moist, are made of real peanut butter, and as such are nutritious. Moreover, the chews are small so dogs of all life stages can enjoy.

The peanut butter dog treats highlighted here as well as the many other brands available on Amazon, provide the essential nutrients that your dog requires. They are balanced; contain all-natural ingredients that important in helping your dog to fight allergy. Moreover, they are great during the hot season because they help dogs to cool down. Grab a treat or two and show your love for your best friend.