Organic Dog Treats

The world’s best dog food has three key qualities; they carry reputable certification, use only human grade ingredients and are in most instances, free of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The qualities only mean that your dog deserves the best. So, if you decide to give the lovely pets a good dose of organic dog treats, which you should do often anyway, then here are a few to start you off.

1. Plato Pet Treats Organic Chicken

If you think, your dogs deserve nothing but the best then give them a treat that contains only 100 percent fresh and organic chicken. These organic chicken strips are healthy and safe because they contain only natural ingredients laced with a good dose of antioxidants such as zinc propionate and vitamins E and C. As expected, the strips have neither artificial coloring nor flavors and synthetic preservatives.

This treat is made right here in the U.S., contains no by-products of meat or meals and instead has all the wholeness of the natural preservation processes applied. Moreover, these treats are manufactured in small batches for enhanced quality and inside licensed, human grade bakeries.

2. Organix Chicken Flavored Dog Cookies by Castor & Pollux

All good behavior deserves some form of reward and nothing fits the bill of a decent reward for your obedient pet that these flavored cookies. This treat contains 95 percent organic ingredients, which include organic chicken bred in free-range systems.

The cookies are easy to break, nice and crunchy and have just about 8 calories. They are a product of the U.S. and contain not a trace of corn, wheat or soy. They as such, deliver a great taste that dogs find outstandingly delicious.

3. Original Dental Dog Treats by Greenies

You want a treat that nourishes your dogs while also offering them oral care then you cannot go wrong with these dental treats. In fact, vets recommend them for at-home dental and overall oral care of your dogs. These canine dental chews contain only natural ingredients that your dog will easily digest.

The treat is safe, has great taste and offers your dogs, complete and balanced nourishment. Their large size is apt for pets weighing between 50 and 100 pounds.

4. Skin & Coat Dog Jerky Treats by Bixbi

This skin and coat jerky contains food substances that are complete and naturally enriching to help get your dogs, shiny and healthy skins with full-bodied coats. They also contain antioxidants, vitamins as well as minerals and a protein-rich nutrition to give your dogs the spa-fresh look. Made in the U.S. from healthy and all natural ingredients, these treats contain no grains or gluten and so they are very safe even for dogs that suffer sensitive stomach syndrome.

BIXBI does not include fillers either. Moreover, their decision not to include wheat, sugar, corn, soy or salt is because they set to make the best organic dog treats with no traces of junk whatsoever.

Dogs are man’s best friend. Best friends deserve nothing but the best from their friends. You can provide the best treats for these wonderful pets by grabbing any of these great organic dog treats described here above, or the many others that are available on Amazon. Just shop wide and look at the products that best meet the needs of your pets.