Dog Treat Bags

Whether you and your pooch are headed out for a hike in the mountains, you’re going to visit some friends, or you have some serious training to do, you’ll need a dog treat bag to carry around all of the scrumptious kibbles that your pet loves. It might surprise you just how many options you have when it comes to size and ease of use, and here we break down the different dog treat bags for you. We’ll start with our top dog treat bags and then give you a little information about selections, prices, brands, and beyond!

Top Dog Treat Bags

#1: Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag with Adjustable Waist Belt

When you want a dog treat bag that has it all no matter what the day has in store for you, this will have it. You have a roll of bags to clean up their messes, reflective lining so that you’re easy to see, zippered pockets, and plenty of room for treats and toys. You can carry it over your shoulder, or if you want your hands free, you can wear it around your waist.

#2: SmugPets Premium Dog Walking Treat Bag with Clip on Waste Bag Dispenser

This bag doesn’t just hold treats, toys, and waste bags in the zippered pockets, but it gives you a place to put your phone, wallet, and anything else you need to carry for the day. The dog treat bag is made of durable materials and has a nicely lined interior so that you don’t have to worry about leaking. Plus, it’s easy to clean and can be worn around your waist or over your shoulder.

#3: Van Duffy Dog Treat Bags with Mesh Pouch

You can take two cups of treats with you in this cool dog bag. The green color makes it easy to identify where the food is so that you won’t be distracted when training your pup. It acts as both a satchel for carrying your personal items around like car keys and wallet, and you’ll still have room for toys, balls, and other doggie essentials.

#4: Canine Hardware Treat Tote

These simple dog treat totes are perfect when you want a pouch made of premium materials. It opens and closes with ease, and you only have to use one hand, so training is made easy. There is an assortment of colors to choose, and it conveniently clips to your pants or belt, and you can carry one cup of food.

#5: Tuff Mutt Dog Treat Pouch for Training

You’ll love how easy these are to clean with just a few wipes with a damp cloth, and you’ll have plenty of room for the two cups of kibbles, toys, and you’ll be able to secure your personal items such as keys and your phone. You can tie these dog treat bags around your waste, or you can put them over your shoulder.

#6: ColorPet Dog Carry-All Treat Bags

This dog treats carrier can be worn around your belt area so that you have both hands ready to show commands and play with your pooch. The strap will adjust nicely, so it fits thick and thin body types, and there is a pocket on the outside for storage purposes. Plus, it’s waterproof if your pup loves playing in and near the water, or even in the rain!

#7: Creation Core Pet Training Pouch with Waterproof Lining

 You can either fill this pouch with snacks and toss it as a complete toy for your four-legged friend to chase, or you can wear it around your wrist and pull the dog treats out individually when training. The materials are so strong that even if your dog plays with the entire waterproof pouch, it will last for years.

Dog Treat Bag Selection Tips

When choosing a dog treat bag, owners are often drawn to the ones that look trendy. However, it’s important that you also look at the features and have an understanding of the purpose you want it to serve. Smaller bags will be ideal for training sessions at the local park and in your backyard, whereas longer hikes and daytime adventures may require a little more space for toys and treats. If you take your dog somewhere that requires you to clean up their messes, take care in choosing a brand that also includes dog poo bags.

Types of Dog Treat Bags

The types of dog treat bags available will all have a few different features whether they are waterproof, have zippers, can be opened and closed with one hand, and more. Some you’ll wear around your wrist while others will be perfect for wrapping around your waist or hanging over your shoulder. Be mindful in choosing the type of bag that meets your needs (and you can always have more than one!).

Dog Treat Bag Brands

Some of the most popular brands of dog treat bags will be SmugPets, Tuff Mutt, Color Pet, and Canine Hardware, and you’ll find that these (and many more brands) will make their bags with durable and safe materials for your pup. Most will also have an easy to clean liner or be waterproof.

Dog Treat Bag Prices

Dog treat bags prices will range anywhere from a few dollars to over thirty depending on the brand you choose and the accessories that you want. You can get less expensive dog treat bags, but they won’t have as many features such as a place to store your phone and keys, or the essentials like waste bags. The lower priced bags will also hold fewer treats while the larger bags can hold two and sometimes three cups of kibbles.

Make your Own Dog Treat Bags

You can make your own dog treat bags with some leftover cloth and magnets, and you can also use string and a keychain clip to keep it on your belt. The primary thing to remember when making dog treat bags is to ensure that you can easily clean it and that you use durable materials.